I hear you, but do you have any clothes that were made in the USA?

    Pumpkin (named after our cat) is a one person company that was started in 2022 with the goal of creating ethical, sustainable and affordable clothing in the states that also supports a good cause.

    Buy from us and we'll donate half of the profits to charity to help animals in need, starting with the MSPCA and other local animal rescue organizations to recognize the amazing work they've done for Pumpkin and others.

    The Cat Eyes T-Shirt was featured on Spectrum News 1 in Worcester, MA.


    The shirt is made from 100% US-grown cotton in Los Angeles, California by Los Angeles Apparel. It is heavy, durable and virtually shrink free with a broken-in, vintage texture, a more generous fit and a slightly higher neck line.

    It is then custom embroidered with the Cat Eyes design in Massachusetts using high-quality, sustainable materials from US-based companies to ensure durability through dozens of wash cycles and increase the lifespan of your garment.


    Yo! I'm Kevin Lipert (@realkpack on instagram), a published scientist, musician and entrepreneur that loves animals and fashion.

    I first wanted to start a company when I found it nearly impossible to find "Made in USA" clothing when shopping around, even in high-end retail stores.

    The Cat Eyes design was inspired by the story of my girlfriend and her once-stray cat, Pumpkin.

    Through the power of social media and human kindness, he went from the literal streets of New Jersey to his home in Massachusetts. He is perservering through cancer, asthma and diabetes (from his medications), but is a champ through all of it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who is Pumpkin?
A: Pumpkin is our cat.

Q: What charity will you donate profits to?
A: To start, we will donate to the MSPCA - however, we may expand to other local animal rescue organizations.

Q: Where was the shirt made?
A: Los Angeles, California.

Q: Who made the shirt?
A: Los Angeles Apparel.

Q: Why choose Los Angeles Apparel?
A: Their blank T-Shirts are made in USA from 100% US-grown cotton and they follow sustainable, eco-friendly practices.

Q: Who designed the logo?
A: Kevin Lipert (owner) - the logo is, however, a trace of a picture of an actual photo of Pumpkin the cat.

Q: Who embroiders the shirts?
A: Kevin Lipert (owner).

Q: Where do I apply my coupon code?
A: The coupon code is applied in the "Payment" section of checkout, after shipping.

Q: Do you use drop-shipping or other external organizations?
A: We do all design, social media and manufacturing work in-house, but don't create the T-shirt from scratch.